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Webinar -- Using YSoft SafeQ to support home office

Business Development Director
During the COVID-19 lockdown, most business employees are working from home. Essential workers who need to be in the business office may have designated work hours to ensure social distancing is in place.
We are all impacted. We’ve adapted too, whether it be video conference calls with our children in the  background, washing our hands – constantly, or devising creative ways to stay sane at home.

For business workers, adapting also means printing from home.

Me before COVID-19: Do I really need a home printer? Everything is digital!
Me after COVID-19: My home printer is the most essential piece of technology!

Using YSoft SAFEQ when working from home

As a print administrator in your place of business, you may be wondering how to support this new mode of working. It’s the right thing to think about. In fact, according to Gartner’s survey of CFO’s, 74% intend to shift 5% of previously in-office workers to permanent remote positions post-COVID 19. Nearly 20% of CFOs will move at least 20% to permanent remote positions. So, it’s the right thing to think about even when social distancing guidelines return to “normal”.

The new normal may be different but your business need for document security and accounting for print services activity remains. Fortunately, YSoft SAFEQ can help. We’ve put together in a webinar many ways YSoft SAFEQ can be customized to support employees printing to their home printer as well as features that you may not be using that now can be considered.

Registration is now closed. You can view the recording here. Password: SafeQ2020

Whether you are using YSoft SAFEQ today or considering print management and document capture for your organization, this webinar is for you – providing tips and features of our print management and document capture that can support home office workers be productive securely printing the documents they need.

A few of the tips you’ll learn that are used by customer today include how to:
  • Route print jobs to a user’s home printer while capturing the activity for reporting or reimbursement purposes
  • Automatically convert print jobs to digital documents and delivering them
  • Submit print jobs making them available to their in-office colleagues
  • Particularly for healthcare, enable secure printing and accounting for field labs and testing areas
  • Use mobile phones to facilitate printing and scanning
  • ..and much more

I look forward to sharing this information with you.
Jim Wieser
Jim calls New York home and, when not traveling to visit with partners and customers, he enjoys spending time with his family and scuba diving. As a professional scuba diving trainer and master dive instructor, he is literally under water a lot. When he comes up for air, he can tell you a lot about owning his own businesses and his previous work at OpenText, Xerox and Eastman Kodak.
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