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YSoft SafeQ and Chromebooks – New Connector

Chief Product Officer (CPO)
A new connector (a Chrome browser extension) for Chromebooks is coming soon.
With Google’s ending of Google Cloud Print and using native printing from the Chrome browser instead, we have been working on a more elegant way to support Chromebook users. This quarter, we will deliver an update to our current Google Cloud Print extension that connects YSoft SAFEQ with Chrome browser to enable native printing from the Chrome browser on Chromebooks.

YSoft SAFEQ administrators will be able to order the connector the same way they ordered a connector for Google Cloud Print – through our partner resellers, or if supported directly by Y Soft, by contacting their local Y Soft representative.

The connector is delivered as a Chrome browser extension and can be installed on individual Chromebooks or pushed out to all Chromebooks when using software distribution tools.

For users, once the extension is installed, they will submit and print jobs as normal.

Organizations that currently use YSoft SAFEQ with our Google Cloud Print extension, will be able to migrate to the Chrome browser extension.

We look forward to adding this new connector to our extensions and integrations library. You can find all our current extensions and integrations, including our newest SAP integration, here. The extensibility and customization of YSoft SAFEQ enables organizations to achieve additional value for their print management and document capture solutions.
Wouter Koelewijn
Wouter is responsible for existing and new product direction ensuring that product delivery is smooth while keeping Y Soft at the forefront of new innovations. He is directly responsible for the product management teams.  When not on a plane he loves playing with new technology including drones and Kickstarter projects.
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