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SAFEQ + Universal Print is Here

Former Product Marketing Lead
Many YSoft SAFEQ customers are already using the SAFEQ Universal Print Connector and now it’s generally available (and free) for all new and existing SAFEQ 6 customers.
You may have heard that customers who want to move printing to the cloud with Universal Print can easily and cost-effectively do so with YSoft OMNI Series. Our other blog article released today goes into detail about that.

But what about customers who depend on print management to manage printing and document capture for hundreds, or thousands of printers? These business customers, such as Microsoft, rely on YSoft SAFEQ to: centralize management of print services;  reduce print and consumables waste; allow users to print from their mobile devices; and apply stringent requirements as to who can print, what can be printed, and on which devices.

Oh, and they need reports as an audit trail either for client billing, governmental regulations, or other compliance regulations such as those that exist in healthcare. And I did I mention that they also want pay-for-print services and integrations with other business processes that require printing such as SAP and the EPIC health records system.

As you might guess from such an exhaustive list of features, this requires a more robust print management system, and SAFEQ has been around for 20 years doing just that. These customers want all those capabilities found in SAFEQ as well as the benefits realized by Universal Print in Microsoft 365.

Today, any SAFEQ 6 customer who wants the SAFEQ Universal Print connector can have it. For free! If you need some help with it, we can do that too.

While Microsoft is busy today announcing Universal Print as a new M365 feature now generally available across many different M365 business and education subscription types – there is much to celebrate everywhere.

We are thrilled to have worked alongside Microsoft to prepare for today’s news. The big winner though is YSoft SAFEQ 6 existing (and soon-to-be) customers. You can read more about SAFEQ with Universal Print or you can download our solution brief on Microsoft’s website.

Contact us to learn more and current SAFEQ 6 customers can contact their print services provider or us directly.
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow is a previous senior member of Y Soft's product marketing team.
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