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GDPR and YSoft SafeQ

Much has been written about soon-to-be-enforced fines for data breaches under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as defined by the European Union (EU). But data breaches are not the only area of concern regarding GDPR.
Companies also need to consider the personal identifiable information of individuals present in their enterprise systems, such as a company’s print/copy/scan infrastructure, and how to comply with individuals’ rights concerning that data.

The risks of being found non-compliant regarding an individual’s rights are considerable. Non-compliance fines are defined as up to 20 million Euros or 4% of a company’s worldwide revenue, whichever may be greater, regardless of where the company is physically located. Even if a company is located outside of the EU, if they process personal identifiable information of European Union nationals, GDPR applies. This makes GDPR relevant for companies outside of the EU as well.

And yet, a recent survey conducted by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, found that a third of London’s businesses were unaware of GDPR and one in three thought it was not relevant for them.

Y Soft has prepared the “GDPR Compliance Guide with YSoft SAFEQ 6” to assist with understanding and complying with GDPR related to any company’s networked based print, copy and scan services. The guide is a reference for customers using YSoft SAFEQ and for organizations considering an enterprise workflow solution to effectively manage their print infrastructure.

Download the eBook now. 

Specifically, the eBook outlines how YSoft SAFEQ 6 helps your organization comply with GDPR in these key areas:

1.Keeping your personal data processing secure

2.Giving you control over personal data processing

3.Helping you manage data subject requests


Data rights of European Union nationals
What are the rights of EU nationals concerning their data? 
  • The right to access: including what data does the company possess, how it is processed and stored and a right to receive the data in a readable format
  • The right to rectification: the ability to access and modify any incorrect data
  • The right to be forgotten: to request the company erase any processed personal identifiable data
  • The right to restrict processing: to block the processing of personal data until the request of the individual is process
While GDPR protects EU nationals, it should be noted that many countries outside the EU are implementing similar regulations and rights for their citizens and many model their regulations on GDPR.

Y Soft, with nearly two decades of experience, more than 15,000 customers and physical locations in more than ten countries, takes IT security and data protection very seriously. The systems within YSoft SAFEQ 6 have been designed to safeguard personally identifiable information and provide organizations with ways to secure print, scan and copy workflows.

Is your print infrastructure ready for GDPR? What are your GDPR concerns related to print services? Let us know in the comments section below.
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